office refurbishment MRT 2015

Office design

The design has been made for a video agency located in a former Industrial area of Amsterdam. The monumental roof beams couldn’t be removed so the new office walls have been placed either under or throught the beams. Except for the enclosed editing and sound areas natural light has been taken into consideration to give the working places as much light as possible. A separation wall from the previous design has been removed to give the employees a sence of space, in stead of the walls plants have been placed in between the work spaces for some privacy and air purification. The interior walls have been made with OSB sheathing and finished with reclaimed wood cladding.
The project was executed in November/December 2014
(images made with Revit® Architecture and Adobe Photoshop CS6)

   plattegrond watermarkbig-shots-26NOV14-3d 3d camera watermark

Pictures vs. Revit… (click to enlarge)

















And some more pictures of work in progress.

Big shots piccas work in progress